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MONIN syrup Blackcurrant – 70cl

- sirop de cassis - 70cL -  This Blackcurrant gourmet syrup from MONIN features a mouth-filling sweetness, lightly bitter taste and a dark color. While it is traditionally used in culinary applications, Monin Blackcurrant Syrup lets you include this berry in countless beverage applications. Ideal for mochas, teas, lemonades, smoothies, shakes, cocktails, sodas.

MONIN syrup Cinnamon – 70cl

MONIN gourmet Cinnamon syrup offers exotic spice to your favorite unique beverages, with pure cinnamon stick arome, spice and sweet. Rich, warm and sweet fragrance of cinnamon made it one of the most evocative of spices and a popular ingredient in many cuisine's worldwide, especially in cakes, cookies, and desserts.
Ideal for Cocktails, lattes, mochas, steamers, teas, smoothies, Coffee, ciders.

MONIN syrup Peach – 70cl

'- sirop de peche - 70cL - Numerous applications for the Monin Peach syrup: Cocktail, fruit punch, lemonade, soda, smoothies, teas or with your lager beer. Enjoy the sweet summer taste of peach flavor all along the year thanks to Monin peach syrup. Make up a cocktail by combining peach with orange, and you will really enjoy your sunny afternoon.

MONIN syrup Raspberry – 70cl

'- sirop de framboise - 70cL - Fine gourmet syrup from MONIN, France. Traditionally a summertime fruit, enjoy this fresh picked berry aroma year round thanks to MONIN Raspberry syrup. Well balance blend of sweet and tart. Ideal for: lattes, mochas, lemonades, teas, cocktails, smoothies, shakes, sodas, steamers/milk.