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Frozen Bread with Walnuts 400g, F. Lalos

'- Pain au noix - 400g - Rustic bread with mild but dense crumb and generous pieces of walnuts. Wonderful with cheese! Bread frozen prebaked, only 10min baking is necessary.

Frozen mini blinis – 16pcs

- Minis blinis - 16pcs -  You are having guests? Blinis make a great cocktail party dish served with salmon, caviar or spreads like tarama or tzatziki. Those frozen blinis will save you some time to prepare your meal!  

Frozen Fine Butter croissants 50g x 4 pcs

Defrost the products for at least 30 minutes for best results. Bake for about 16-17 min at 165-170OC  

Frozen whole sardines – 1Kg

Whole sardines from Portugal, ideal to grill on BBQ. Bag of 1Kg frozen sardines contains 10-15 sardines.

Frozen Chipolatas Pork Sausages ~ 500g

'- Chipolatas - environ 10pcs - Pack of 10pcs chipolatas for a total weight of 500g. Chipolatas pork sausages from France, ideal to grill on BBQ or for a quick ready meal. Our chipolatas are delivered frozen. Product from France

Frozen Toulouse Sausages – 400g

5 pieces "Saucisse de Toulouse" from the South-West of France, the Toulouse sausages carry a prestigious red label that guarantees quality and flavour. They are perfect grilled on barbecue or cooked in a traditional Cassoulet.

Polenta ‘Express’ Valsugana – 375g

'- polenta - 375- The Polenta (corn semolina) from Valsugana Italy is ready in 8 minutes. Boil water, add up the Polenta, keep stiring for 5 Minutes, it's ready. You can enjoy the Polenta either hot as a side dish or cold as a salad.

Frozen Merguez Spicy Sausage 10pcs ~ 500g

Pack of 10 pcs (about 500g). Merguez spicy sausage with beef and mutton, made in France. Ideal for BBQ or for the preparation of couscous.

Pine nuts from Italy- 100g

'- pignon de pin d'Italie - 100g - Our pine nuts from Italy will add a nice nutty crunchiness to your salads or mediterranean tarts and quiches. Pine nut is a good source of vitamin A, C, D and iron!

Gnocchi 500g

'- gnocchis de pommes de terre - 500g - Potato gnocchi ready in 5 minutes. Boil water in a large sauce pan and Cook gnocchis for 2 minutes. Drain, it's ready. Gnocchi can be served as a main dish or side dish, with pesto, tomato sauce or cheese. Product of Italy. Net weight 500g

Frozen macarons – 12 pcs

'- Macarons - 12pcs - Treat yourself and your guests with some French macarons for tea time or desert. Light, smooth and not too sweet, the Pasquier macarons are a deal for those in a hurry to eat this French delicacy. This 12 pieces packs contains 6 flavours : Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla, Pistachio, Lemon, Raspberry.

Seed style mustard Edmond Fallot – 205g

'- moutarde en grains 205g - Old style mustard with mustard seeds and white wine from the gourmet mustard maker 'Edmond Fallot' in Burgundy. This old style mustard is a nice gourmet ingredient for the preparation of salad dressing.

Unsalted butter Candia – 200g

'- beurre doux Candia - 200g - French unsalted butter from the famous milk producer 'Candia'! This butter is produced specially for export. It is frozen after production and exported frozen by sea. It helps saving significant airfreight costs compared to fresh butter. The butter is defrosted upon order confirmation and can be kept up to 2 months in fridge.

Almond ground 100g

Almond ground is often used in baking recipes : a cake, a crust or almond cream. And it is also the main ingredient of the frangipane in the 'galette des rois'!

Tomme Savoy ~ 200g

Tomme of Savoy from the 'Yennes' cooperative. Delivered in pack of ~ 150g. Ideal for raclette as an alternative to traditional Raclette cheese.

Orange Juice 1L

'- jus d'orange - 1L - Compal esures that the juices come from the freshest fruit as possible. Infused with precious vitamins and with no added preservatives or colors, its juices are good for you as they are. One pack contains 1L of juice from Portugal. To keep in a cool dry place    

Apple Juice – 1L

'- jus de pommes - 1L - Compal esures that the juices come from the freshest fruit as possible. Infused with precious vitamins and with no added preservatives or colors, its juices are good for you as they are. One pack contains 1L of juice. To keep in a cool dry place.  

Monin 70cl glass bottle syrup pump – 5ml shot

Official Monin syrup pump for 70cl glass bottles. Remove the cap, remove the plastic spout from the Monin suryp bottle. Insert and screw the Monin Pump. You can now enjoy easy serving of your prefered Monin syrups. Each pump shot is 5ml. Monin syrup pump 10mL also available here