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Cooking Wine (White) 11% – 75cl

'- vin de table blanc - 75cL - Basic Spanish white wine made from Airen grapes, ideal for cooking, especially for the preparation of Risotto, fish sauce or to marinate fishes.

Cooking Wine (Red) 11% – 75cl

'- vin de table rouge - 75cL - Basic spanish red wine ideal for cooking or for the preparation of Sangria cocktail.

Frozen Whole Yellow Cornfed Chicken ~ 1.50Kg

'- Poulet entier nourri au mais - environ 1.5kg Whole yellow chicken from France, fed exclusively with corn. ideal for family or for people who like generous chicken parts and supremes.

Frozen french fries (Shoestrings) – 1 Kg

'- Frites congelées - 1kg - Frozen french fries pre-cooked 'Lutosa', from Belgium. Cook for 5 minutes in a deep fryer (no need to defrost) or 15 minutes in the oven. Take-out and let the oil reheat. Once the oil is very hot, plunge french fries for one minute, to give them a nice brownish and crunchy aspect.

Harissa hot chilli paste, Cap Bon – 70g

'- sauce harissa - 70g - Regional recipe from Tunisia, the harissa hot chilli paste is made with piri piri hot chilli peppers, garlic, coriander, salt and caraway. Add-up a few grams to soup or broth for a pronounced spicy aromatic taste. Perfect pairing with couscous!

Frozen red sour cherry pitted – 1kg

'- cerises griottes congelées en pack 1kg - Red sour cherry are used for making pastry desserts like the famous clafoutis, but it is also very enjoyable in a fruit salad or simply added in a yoghurt. Sold in pack of 1kg.

Butter with sea salt crystals, France – 250g

'- beurre aux cristaux de sel - 250g - Delicious and gourmet butter from 'Paysan Breton', Brittany (France). Spread on bread and eat with coldcuts or cheese. The softness of the butter conbined with the strenght of seasalt will enhance flavours of cold cuts or cheese. Bon appetit!

Pasta Fusilli – 500g

Fusilli pasta from Italy. A classic for your grocery shopping. Pack of 500g

Sun Dried Tomatoes from Italy – 285g

'- Tomates séchées d'Italie - 285g - Sun dried tomatoes from Italy, marinated in olive oil, sunflower oil, garlic, oregano and pepper. Delicious as a finger food appetizer or as a gourmet ingredient for your mediterranean recipes.

Young Edam Cheese, Holland – ~200g

Iconic cheese from Holland, here is the Edam cheese. Mild flavor with slightly salty and nutty flavour; it will pair perfectly with fruits such as grapes, pears, apples or cherries. For special events, we can supply full 2Kgs balls, on request. Pasteurized cow milk, 15% fat.

Massenez Blackberry (Mure) cream 20% – 70cl

Add a hint of fruit flavour to your champagne, sparkling wine or white wine. "Kir cocktail" or "Kir royal cocktail": 1 volume of Massenez gourmet fruit cream for 5-7 volumes of wine.

Massenez Blackcurrant (Framboise) cream 20% – 70cl

The classic fruit cream for the preparation of "Kir cocktail" (one volume of cream for 5-7 volumes of white wine) or "Kir royal" (with champagne or fine sparkling wine): the blackcurrant gourmet cream from Massenez, France.

MONIN syrup Blackcurrant – 70cl

- sirop de cassis - 70cL -  This Blackcurrant gourmet syrup from MONIN features a mouth-filling sweetness, lightly bitter taste and a dark color. While it is traditionally used in culinary applications, Monin Blackcurrant Syrup lets you include this berry in countless beverage applications. Ideal for mochas, teas, lemonades, smoothies, shakes, cocktails, sodas.

MONIN syrup Cinnamon – 70cl

MONIN gourmet Cinnamon syrup offers exotic spice to your favorite unique beverages, with pure cinnamon stick arome, spice and sweet. Rich, warm and sweet fragrance of cinnamon made it one of the most evocative of spices and a popular ingredient in many cuisine's worldwide, especially in cakes, cookies, and desserts.
Ideal for Cocktails, lattes, mochas, steamers, teas, smoothies, Coffee, ciders.

MONIN syrup Grenadine – 70cl

'- sirop de grenadine - 70cL - One of the most renowned and oldest recipe from Monin, the Grenadine syrup. Mix with milk, lemonade or cold water to please and refresh your kids. Or try-out your cocktail maker abilities with the numerous Grenadine syrup based cocktail recipes.

Red wine vinegar, Italy – 1 Liter

'- Vinaigre de vin d'Italie - 1L - Basic red wine vinegar from Italy for daily cooking and seasoning.