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Frozen Veal Burger Patty 2 x 150g

Origin France Steak Hache de veau facon bouchere 150g x 2pcs Viande hachee de veau (100%) Taux de matiere grasse 15%

Frozen Beef Balls ~ 435g

Boulette de Boeuf congele (15pcs) approx 435g Frozen beef balls (15pcs) ~ 435g per pack. Easy to prepare and the family love it with pasta...

Frozen Minced Beef (Egrene de boeuf hache) – 1kg

Brand: CHARAL L'egrene de boeuf Viande  de boeuf 70%, proteine vegetales de pois rehydrates (28%), fibre vegetales de pois, sel, arome. Peut contenir trace de ble gluten Matiere grace 15% l'egrene 70% de viande a ete prepare a partir de viandes issues d'animaux nes, eleves et abbatus en France.

Frozen french Ravioles Grande Tradition “Mère Maury” ~ 400g

Origin: France Stuffing: Emmental cheese (milk), fresh cow cheese (milk), Eggs, parsley, water, salt. Wrapping: Soft wheat flour,  water, eggs, vegetable grapeseed oil.      

French Ham Cooked, sliced – 200g

Ham cooked from France, sliced. Each ham pack weights 200g which correspond to 3-4 slices. Ham cooked from Broceliande are carefully selected and cooked slowly to enhance ham aromas.

Frozen 5 x Half bread baguettes Rustic

'- lot de 5 demies baguettes d'environ 140g - The traditional bread baguette, made with a selection of wheat flour has crispy crust, light open textures and authentic french aromas and flavors. Frozen bread baguettes are pre-baked. Just reheat in oven for 15 minutes to enjoy a freshly baked bread for all meals. Each baguette weights about 140g which is slightly more than a half baguette.

Frozen Rye and Cereals (Half Baguette) 2 x 120g

Wheat sourdough, rye flour, malted barley flour and malted wheat flour

Frozen Bread with Walnuts 400g, F. Lalos

'- Pain au noix - 400g - Rustic bread with mild but dense crumb and generous pieces of walnuts. Wonderful with cheese! Bread frozen prebaked, only 10min baking is necessary.