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French whipping cream UHT – 20cl

'- crème liquide - 20cL - French whipping cream Paysan Breton. A classic to have in your fridge at all time. The 20cl size is ideal. It is the right portion for the preparation of sauces, quiches or your favorite whipping cream based recipe.

President UHT Whipped Cream in Spray – 250G

Embellish your dessert with Président Whipped cream,  creamy and smooth with a little touch of Vanilla. Without any vegetable oil, this delicious cream is already whipped and easy to use for an amazing texture!

Massenez Blackberry (Mure) cream 20% – 70cl

Add a hint of fruit flavour to your champagne, sparkling wine or white wine. "Kir cocktail" or "Kir royal cocktail": 1 volume of Massenez gourmet fruit cream for 5-7 volumes of wine.

Massenez Blackcurrant (Framboise) cream 20% – 70cl

The classic fruit cream for the preparation of "Kir cocktail" (one volume of cream for 5-7 volumes of white wine) or "Kir royal" (with champagne or fine sparkling wine): the blackcurrant gourmet cream from Massenez, France.