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Red wine vinegar, Italy – 1 Liter

'- Vinaigre de vin d'Italie - 1L - Basic red wine vinegar from Italy for daily cooking and seasoning.

Sea Salt bottle 750g

'- sel fin 750g - Sosalt's goal is to harvest sea salt without disturbing the local eco-system. The main feature of the salt extraction technique is the natural evaporation of sea water. One pack contains 750g of salt

Balsamic vinegar – 250mL

'- vinaigre balsamique - 250mL - Balsamic vinegar ideal for meat and fish marinades or for the preparation of sweet and sour salad dressing. Balsamic vinegar made in Italy, distributed by 'La Espanola'. Balsamic vinegar with alcool content of 6%vol.