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Champagne Brut Carte Blanche 75cl

Champagne Brut Carte Blanche - 75cl  Cristian Senez Made with 100% Pinot Noir grapes, the pale yellow effervescence, tinged with gold, is luminous, limpid and persistent, giving it a silky soft appearance. Aromas of vanilla and spices skillfully balanced to create a luxurious taste that is both lively and well rounded. Gold Medal in 2016 at Challenge International du vin.

Champagne Brut Carte Verte 75cL

"RADIANT FRESH" The smooth lingering taste is light and fruity with the essence of spring.   These are the qualities that make this champagne one of the most recognized and awarded of the Christian Senez champagnes.  It was named a favorite in the 2000 edition of French “Guide Hachette”.

Massenez Blackberry (Mure) cream 20% – 70cl

Add a hint of fruit flavour to your champagne, sparkling wine or white wine. "Kir cocktail" or "Kir royal cocktail": 1 volume of Massenez gourmet fruit cream for 5-7 volumes of wine.

Massenez Blackcurrant (Framboise) cream 20% – 70cl

The classic fruit cream for the preparation of "Kir cocktail" (one volume of cream for 5-7 volumes of white wine) or "Kir royal" (with champagne or fine sparkling wine): the blackcurrant gourmet cream from Massenez, France.