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Pancetta Portion (Italian smoked bacon) ~ 150g

'Pancetta' salted and cured ham from Italy. Precutted in thick slices, ideal to dice for gourmet cooking or to grill on BBQ. Enjoy this typical flavor from Italy.

Frozen whole sardines – 1Kg

Whole sardines from Portugal, ideal to grill on BBQ. Bag of 1Kg frozen sardines contains 10-15 sardines.

Frozen Chipolatas Pork Sausages ~ 500g

'- Chipolatas - environ 10pcs - Pack of 10pcs chipolatas for a total weight of 500g. Chipolatas pork sausages from France, ideal to grill on BBQ or for a quick ready meal. Our chipolatas are delivered frozen. Product from France

Frozen Merguez Spicy Sausage 10pcs ~ 500g

Pack of 10 pcs (about 500g). Merguez spicy sausage with beef and mutton, made in France. Ideal for BBQ or for the preparation of couscous.