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Frozen french Ravioles Grande Tradition “Mère Maury” ~ 400g

Origin: France Stuffing: Emmental cheese (milk), fresh cow cheese (milk), Eggs, parsley, water, salt. Wrapping: Soft wheat flour,  water, eggs, vegetable grapeseed oil.      

Pasta Chifferi Rigati (macaroni) – 500g

Macaroni have an elbow shape and are very famous for making Macaroni and cheese dish. It is also really common to use macaroni in pasta salad. One pack contains 500g of pastas of diameter : 5 mm, lenght : 17 mm Cooking time 6-7 minutes

Pasta Fusilli 3 colors – 500g

Good value for money Italian dry pastas made of Durum wheat semolina. Mix of spinach, tomato and plain pastas.

Pasta Boccoli – 500g

Boccoli pasta have spiral locks shape allowing the shape to pair with both simple and sophisticated sauces. Boccoli are great when used in pasta salads. One pack contains 500g of pastas of diameter : 6.5 mm, lenght : 33mm Cooking time 10-11 minutes.

Pasta Farfalle 113 – 500g

Farfalle pastas have a butterfly or bow tie shape. This pairs many kind of sauces, salad or soup recipes. One pack contains 500g of pastas of diameter : 32 mm, lenght : 42 mm Cooking time 11-13 minutes

Pasta Fusilli – 500g

Fusilli pasta from Italy. A classic for your grocery shopping. Pack of 500g

Pasta Capellini – 500g

Capellini pasta are like thin spaghetti. Also called angel hair pasta, they are really fast to prepare in sauce, soup and is often associated with seafood. One pack contains 500g of pastas of diameter : 1.2 mm, lenght : 260 mm Cooking time 4-6 minutes

Pasta Penne rigate – 500g

Penne pastas have a cylinder with ridges shape and are often cooked al dente to be served with pesto, arrabiata sauces. It is also a very common pasta used for making pasta salad. One pack contains 500g of pastas of diameter : 9 mm, lenght : 50 mm Cooking time 11-12 minutes

Pasta Linguine – 500g

Linguine pasta from Italy. Pack of 500g. Ideal pasta to pair with seafood or seafood cream sauce. Cook 6 minutes in salted boiling water, season and savor!

Pasta Fettuccine – 500g

Tagliatelles or Fettucine pastas have a long and flat ribbon shape. They are really common in sauce like carbonara sauce but can be appreciated with a roast meat. One pack contains 500g of pastas of diameter : 5.9 mm Cooking time 6-7 minutes

Pasta Spaghetti 5 – 500g

Spaghetti made of durum wheat semolina. Produced by Baronia in Italy. Cook 9 minutes in salted water, drain, it's ready.

Pasta Sheets for Lasagna – 500g

Prepare home-made lasagnas with the pasta lasagna sheets from Baronia, Italy. Each pack contains about 30 sheets. Very easy to make, unlimited possible flavors! No need to pre-cook; prepare very diluated sauce and cook for 30-40 minutes, pasta sheets will cook thanks to the liquid contained in the sauce.

Pasta Orzi – 500g

Orzo Pasta is shaped like a grain of rice. Great for salads, can eat it hot or cold and easy to cook.