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Red lentils – 500g

Red lentils are easy and fast cooking lentils. Contrary to green lentils they turned into thick puree once cooked. It is Ideal for soup or stew. Its lovely color and sweet taste will please your family, kids and guest!

Frozen french Ravioles Grande Tradition “Mère Maury” ~ 400g

Origin: France Stuffing: Emmental cheese (milk), fresh cow cheese (milk), Eggs, parsley, water, salt. Wrapping: Soft wheat flour,  water, eggs, vegetable grapeseed oil.      

Couscous Medium Grain – 500g

'- Couscous grian moyen - 500g - Made from wheat semoula, the couscous grain can be used for the preparation of hot dishes such as couscous or cold dishes such as taboule. Ready in 5 minutes only

Polenta ‘Express’ Valsugana – 375g

'- polenta - 375- The Polenta (corn semolina) from Valsugana Italy is ready in 8 minutes. Boil water, add up the Polenta, keep stiring for 5 Minutes, it's ready. You can enjoy the Polenta either hot as a side dish or cold as a salad.