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French Ham Cooked, sliced – 200g

Ham cooked from France, sliced. Each ham pack weights 200g which correspond to 3-4 slices. Ham cooked from Broceliande are carefully selected and cooked slowly to enhance ham aromas.

Fred & Chloe Full cream milk – 1L

'- Lait entier de France - 1L - Healthy Full cream milk from France. Fred and Chloe believe that healthy cows make tasty milk. They only source quality milk from farmers who trat their cows well and care for the environment. 100% free from preservatives, antibiotics and rBST.

Small gherkins from Spain – 360g

'- cornichons 360g - Small and crunchy gherkins from Spain to pair with your favorite cold cuts. A very good value for money 'every day product'.

Frozen Sliced ‘Paris’ mushrooms

'- Champignons tranchés - 1kg - Paris mushrooms from Belgium for your salads or favorite cooked recipes!

Sliced Mortadella with Pistachio 3 slices ~ 100g

Mortadelle pur porc pistachee en tranche - 200g Mortadella with pistachio, sold in a pack of 100g 3 slices.

Rosette Dry Sausage – 100g

'- Rosette en tranches - 100g - Pork dry sausage from Lyon, south of France. The rosette is mild dry with a delicate pepper and garlic flavour. To savour as starter with bread, salted butter and gherkins. Our rosette, is sliced and delivered in a vacuum pack of 100g. For special event or for Rosette gourmet lovers, we will be pleased to supply as a full piece (+/- 2.5Kgs), on request.

Chestnut spread vanilla – 500g

'- Crème de marron - 500g - Chestnut spread from Clement Faugier with a hint of vanilla. The 130 years old french recipe to spread on toasts or for your pastry recipes. Gourmet food for chesnut lovers!

French whipping cream UHT – 20cl

'- crème liquide - 20cL - French whipping cream Paysan Breton. A classic to have in your fridge at all time. The 20cl size is ideal. It is the right portion for the preparation of sauces, quiches or your favorite whipping cream based recipe.

Butter with sea salt crystals, France – 250g

'- beurre aux cristaux de sel - 250g - Delicious and gourmet butter from 'Paysan Breton', Brittany (France). Spread on bread and eat with coldcuts or cheese. The softness of the butter conbined with the strenght of seasalt will enhance flavours of cold cuts or cheese. Bon appetit!

Unsalted butter Candia – 200g

'- beurre doux Candia - 200g - French unsalted butter from the famous milk producer 'Candia'! This butter is produced specially for export. It is frozen after production and exported frozen by sea. It helps saving significant airfreight costs compared to fresh butter. The butter is defrosted upon order confirmation and can be kept up to 2 months in fridge.

Raclette cheese 400g

'- Raclette en tranches 400g - 400g of Raclettes from France cut in 16 slices. is perfect for 2 people.  Raclette is a typical French meal from Savoie in France. Melt the cheese in a raclette grill and pour it on potatoes with cold cuts. Eating raclette is a very frendly moment to share with friends and family. 

Comte cheese young – 200g

Raw cow milk, pressed hard cheese, 45% fat. French cheese produced in Jura mountain, eastern of France, this cheese has a delicous soft nutty flavour. Young cheese with a soft texture. Savour on its own, with fruit jam or grated on pastas.

Treblec buckwheat flour – 1Kg

'- Farine de sarrasin - 1kg - THE iconic buckwheat flour from Brittany, "TREBLEC" is perfect for the preparation of 'galettes bretonnes'!

Tomme Savoy ~ 200g

Tomme of Savoy from the 'Yennes' cooperative. Delivered in pack of ~ 150g. Ideal for raclette as an alternative to traditional Raclette cheese.

Crep party rental – 6 people

Meet Crep'party, a great crepe maker that can cook up to 6 crepes or pancakes at once! With its Prometal non-stick plate and Thermo-Spot technology, it's packed with smart features and you will just love making pancakes for everyone in the family! Subject to stock availability! Price includes delivery on the day of the event or one day before and pick-up the crep party after the event.

Raclette grill rental (Click here, to see rental condition)

Raclette grill for 6 persons. Price includes delivery and pick-up. We will arrange delivery on the day of the event or one day before and pick-up the raclette grill after the event. Subject to stock availability! Please contact us before ordering to check availability of the machine (whatsapp 55777535) Minimum order amount is $600 (including rental of the grill).

Bourbon Vanilla pods from Madagascar – 2pcs

Vanilla beans enhance the flavour of many cakes and dish. This Bourbon vanilla, grown in Madagascar will bring a unique and authentic taste to your custard, your creme brulee, your biscuits. It is a must have for anyone who likes baking!