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Frozen Pork Shank Skinless 2 pcs – 450g to 500g

Brand : Batalle Origin: Spain Frozen Pork Shank meat skin less 100% natural pork No added hormones

Frozen Raw Smoked Lardon (allumettes) – 200g

Lardons Fumes Allumette Surgele - pack de 200g Origin France

Pancetta Portion (Italian smoked bacon) ~ 150g

'Pancetta' salted and cured ham from Italy. Precutted in thick slices, ideal to dice for gourmet cooking or to grill on BBQ. Enjoy this typical flavor from Italy.

Frozen Chipolatas Pork Sausages ~ 500g

'- Chipolatas - environ 10pcs - Pack of 10pcs chipolatas for a total weight of 500g. Chipolatas pork sausages from France, ideal to grill on BBQ or for a quick ready meal. Our chipolatas are delivered frozen. Product from France

Frozen Toulouse Sausages – 400g

5 pieces "Saucisse de Toulouse" from the South-West of France, the Toulouse sausages carry a prestigious red label that guarantees quality and flavour. They are perfect grilled on barbecue or cooked in a traditional Cassoulet.

Frozen Montbeliard Sausages – 4pcs

'- Saucisses de Montbeliard - 4pcs - 500g - Frozen Smoked sausages from Montbeliard in North-East of France, traditionally served with Sauerkraut. Pack of 4 pcs (~120g/sausage).

Frozen Morteau Saugage ~ 350g/pc

Saucisse Morteaux ~ 400g/pc Also known as the Belle de Morteau, it's a traditional smoked sausage from the Morteau region of France (Franche-Comté). It's smoked for at least 48h with sawdust from conifer and juniper within the tuyé (traditional pyramidal chimneys, called tuyés), it is a very strongly flavoured and very dense uncooked sausage. A must to prepare a good choucroute!

Frozen Iberico Raw Chorizo For Cooking – 400g

ingredients: iberian pork meat and bacon, paprika, salt, spices, dextrin, dextrose, pork protein and aroms