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Dijon mustard Edmond Fallot – 205g

'- moutarde de Dijon 210g - The original fine gourmet Dijon mustard from Edmond Fallot, France. The secret of this classic and renowned mustard, produced since 1840 in the heart of Burgundy, is the traditional grinding of the mustard seeds on mill stones. Best before : 18 months after the production date written on the packaging

Seed style mustard Edmond Fallot – 205g

'- moutarde en grains 205g - Old style mustard with mustard seeds and white wine from the gourmet mustard maker 'Edmond Fallot' in Burgundy. This old style mustard is a nice gourmet ingredient for the preparation of salad dressing.

Harissa hot chilli paste, Cap Bon – 70g

'- sauce harissa - 70g - Regional recipe from Tunisia, the harissa hot chilli paste is made with piri piri hot chilli peppers, garlic, coriander, salt and caraway. Add-up a few grams to soup or broth for a pronounced spicy aromatic taste. Perfect pairing with couscous!

Tabasco sauce 60mL

Hot sauce from the brand Tabasco. Made exclusively with tabasco peppers, vinegar and salt. Tabasco pepper sauce is made by ageing special peppers in oakk barrels for 3 years to help develop its unique aroma and fflavour. this mash is then blended with high grain vinegar, the seeds and skins are removed and the sauce is ready to be bottled. One bottle of 60mL to keep in a cool dry place

Pesto Genovese-Basil sauce 190g


Ready to use pesto sauce from Italy for everyday use. For a pesto gourmet experience, we recomend our pesto sauce from Rustichella d'Abruzzo'

Sea Salt bottle 750g

'- sel fin 750g - Sosalt's goal is to harvest sea salt without disturbing the local eco-system. The main feature of the salt extraction technique is the natural evaporation of sea water. One pack contains 750g of salt

Sea Salt coarse 750g

'- gros sel de mer - 750g - Sea salt coarse in a bottle of 750g