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Frozen Beef Balls ~ 435g

Boulette de Boeuf congele (15pcs) approx 435g Frozen beef balls (15pcs) ~ 435g per pack. Easy to prepare and the family love it with pasta...

Frozen Chipolatas Pork Sausages ~ 500g

'- Chipolatas - environ 10pcs - Pack of 10pcs chipolatas for a total weight of 500g. Chipolatas pork sausages from France, ideal to grill on BBQ or for a quick ready meal. Our chipolatas are delivered frozen. Product from France

Frozen Toulouse Sausages – 400g

5 pieces "Saucisse de Toulouse" from the South-West of France, the Toulouse sausages carry a prestigious red label that guarantees quality and flavour. They are perfect grilled on barbecue or cooked in a traditional Cassoulet.

Frozen Montbeliard Sausages – 4pcs

'- Saucisses de Montbeliard - 4pcs - 500g - Frozen Smoked sausages from Montbeliard in North-East of France, traditionally served with Sauerkraut. Pack of 4 pcs (~120g/sausage).

Frozen Whole Yellow Cornfed Chicken ~ 1.50Kg

'- Poulet entier nourri au mais - environ 1.5kg Whole yellow chicken from France, fed exclusively with corn. ideal for family or for people who like generous chicken parts and supremes.

Frozen Beef Marrow Bone Split ~ 12cm

'- os a moelle - Beef marrow sliced in the lenght to grill in oven or BBQ. Simply sprinkle salt and pepper and grill for 25min. It's ready, enjoy with toast and red wine!

Frozen Merguez Spicy Sausage 10pcs ~ 500g

Pack of 10 pcs (about 500g). Merguez spicy sausage with beef and mutton, made in France. Ideal for BBQ or for the preparation of couscous.

Frozen Chicken Leg – 500g

Cuisse de Poulet - 2pcs Free range chicken from France. Feeding: 100% vegetal, mineral and vitamins of which 70% cereals. No growth hormones GMO FREE Brand: Nature & Respect

Frozen yellow cornfed chicken supreme – 350g

'- 2 supremes de poulet - environ 350g - Frozen yellow cornfed chicken supreme x2pcs from France in a pack of around 350g

Frozen Raw Mulard Duck Breast ~350 g

'- Magret de canard - environ 400g - Duck breast (magret) confit.. Savour your magret either hot as a main dish or cold in thin slices with country style salad. Frozen duck breast from France. Never refreeze a defrozen product. Consume cooked.

Frozen Pork Chops 1kg

'- côtes de porc congelées - 1kg - Frozen pork chops in a bag of 1kg which can contain 5-7 pieces. Products from France

Frozen meat is the ideal way to get quality oversea gourmet food into HK at reasonable price. Products are imported by sea in frozen container; product taste and properties are kept intact. As air shipment is avoided, prices are very competitive. In addition, you can keep products for months and use only when you need. The ideal solution for your grocery shopping.