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Pork Dry Sausage with Hazelnuts TARGE – 290g

'-  Saucisson aux noisettes - 275g -  Another gourmet recipe from TARGE, the 'saucisson with hazelnuts' combines the softness of the dry pork meat with the crunchiness of hazelnuts.

Pork Dry Sausage Green pepper TARGE ~ 240g

'- saucisson sec au poivre vert - 275g environ - Unique recipe from Targe family which combine the western know-how of pork dry saussage making with the green pepper from Asian countries. The green pepper is delicately spicing-up the pork 'saucisson' with a touch of freshness and bright asian aromas.

Pork Dry Sausage Beaujolais TARGE ~ 290g

'- saucisson au Beaujolais - 275g environ - Pork dry sausage with Beaujolais wine from TARGE family. A very addictive product for cold-cut lovers!

Saucisson Pork Farmer, Targe -240g

'- saucisson de porc fermier The premium product from the Targe pork dry sausage range. The FARMER fine delicatessen dry sausage is produced with only the 1st quality pork meat. A french gourmet fine product prepared by the Targe family since 120 years. Price may be adjusted according to the weight of the product.
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Raclette grill rental (Click here, to see rental condition)

Raclette grill for 6 persons. Price includes delivery and pick-up. We will arrange delivery on the day of the event or one day before and pick-up the raclette grill after the event. Subject to stock availability! Please contact us before ordering to check availability of the machine (whatsapp 55777535) Minimum order amount is $600 (including rental of the grill).
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Raclette cheese 400g

'- Raclette en tranches 400g - 400g of Raclettes from France cut in 16 slices. is perfect for 2 people.  Raclette is a typical French meal from Savoie in France. Melt the cheese in a raclette grill and pour it on potatoes with cold cuts. Eating raclette is a very frendly moment to share with friends and family. 
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